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Tube Rose

Brown & Williamson Tobacco Company in Winston of Salem, North Carolina in its wide array of tobacco products being widely admired by hundreds of devotees introduced Tube Rose snuff tobacco product. Tube Rose is a sweet scotch snuff launched in green colored tin tubes and a tag that display ‘It’s mild… and suits your taste!

Tube Rose is even today sold in similar format and sole flavor blend that has been well admired by aficionados since decades. This brand beholds all the features of a classic snuff and its rustic aroma is known and is considered as one of finest classic. Also it is known for being one of a king selling the snuff in tin tubes that enables the moisture and savors both sealed inside and keep the snuff fresh and sweet always.
Category: Snuff
Country of origin:  United States
About snuff
Snuff is a product made from ground or pulverised tobacco leaves. It is an example of smokeless tobacco. It originated in the Americas and was in common use in
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